Sourdough loaf with a leaf design in flour

Top 10 foodie projects to try in lockdown

Save yourself from boredom in lockdown with our top foodie projects and cooking skills to master. Make a super sourdough loaf or the perfect mojito.

Looking for some fun foodie projects to get you through lockdown? Why not try your hand at tossing a homemade pizza, becoming an expert mixologist or brewing your own kombucha with our simple recipes and step-by-step guides?


How many can you tick off your list? Check out even more inspiration for fun activities on our stay home, get cooking hub page.

1. Make sourdough bread

There’s nothing quite like a fresh slice of crusty bread, slathered in butter – except a slice of bread you made with your own fair hands. If you’re wondering, 春秋娱乐:what is sourdough bread and how do I make it at home? Look no further. Learn how to make a bubbling 春秋娱乐:sourdough starter, 春秋娱乐:how to make sourdough bread and get ideas on how to use up sourdough starter.

Once your starter is established and you’ve got your first loaf under your belt, try our top 春秋娱乐:sourdough recipes, with everything from 春秋娱乐:sourdough pizza to malty 春秋娱乐:rye sourdough bread.

2. Bake banana bread

It’s safe to say that this simple cake has taken the UK by storm. Got bananas going black in the fruit bowl? Don’t let them go to waste, turn them into our 春秋娱乐:brilliant banana loaf. This easy bake is the perfect teatime pick-me-up. Can’t get your hands on eggs? Try our best ever 春秋娱乐:vegan banana bread, we love it toasted with a dollop of peanut butter. Turn this humble cake into something special with our 春秋娱乐:sticky toffee banana bread.

Get stuck into our banana bread recipe collection for even more delectable dessert ideas.

3. Whip up a dalgona coffee

We can’t resist a cupful of this silky smooth, whipped 春秋娱乐:dalgona coffee. Bring this trend from social media to your kitchen with our super easy recipe. No fancy equipment or ingredients needed, you can make this caffeinated masterpiece with just three ingredients and a whisk. Serve hot or cold for a truly instagrammable (not to mention delicious) drink.

Missing your favourite cafe? Learn how to make a fabulous 春秋娱乐:flat white or your daily 春秋娱乐:macchiato at home with our top 春秋娱乐:coffee recipes. Cool off and learn 春秋娱乐:how to make iced coffee with our top barista tips.

4. Make homemade pizza

A bubbling, cheesy wedge of margherita is a thing of beauty. So why not use the time at home to go in the pursuit of the perfect pizza? Master the technique of kneading the dough and getting that all important crispy slice with our video on 春秋娱乐:how to make pizza.

Discover how to make next level margherita pizza and achieve classic Italian flavours. Take a look at our ultimate 春秋娱乐:pizza recipe collection for homemade versions of your favourite takeaway.

5. Infuse some booze and mix up cocktails

With just a few simple ingredients, you can create your own homemade fruity infusions. Learn 春秋娱乐:how to make gin with our simple 春秋娱乐:compound gin recipe and try our best ever flavoured gin recipes with fun seasonal additions. If vodka is your poison, try your hand at our favourite 春秋娱乐:flavoured vodka recipes.

Once you’ve made your boozy masterpieces, crack out the 春秋娱乐:cocktail shaker and perfect your favourite 春秋娱乐:cocktails. Watch our simple step-by-step video and learn 春秋娱乐:how to make a mojito or get the lowdown on 春秋娱乐:the perfect negroni.

6. Ice a spectacular sponge cake

Set yourself a delicious decorating challenge and try your hand at eye-catching bakes. Learn how to ice a cake with buttercream and take a straightforward sponge from simple to spectacular. Master the basics and discover 春秋娱乐:how to decorate a cake, complete with perfect piping and icing flowers.

Feeling daring? Try a stunning 春秋娱乐:Bakewell ombre cake with vibrant graduated frosting, or a swirling 春秋娱乐:galaxy cake that mirrors the night sky. Get all the baking inspiration you’ll ever need from our top 春秋娱乐:celebration cake recipes.

7. Make homemade pasta

Some things are worth going the extra mile for, 春秋娱乐:fresh pasta being one of them. Our simple dough can be made into any shape and turned into a classic 春秋娱乐:Italian dinner. Make hand-cut pappardelle for a rich 春秋娱乐:beef ragout, or a veggie-friendly sweet potato & goat’s cheese ravioli. Or, make pasta the star of the plate with a 春秋娱乐:classic pesto or simple 春秋娱乐:tomato sauce.

Check out 6 of the best pasta makers, machines and gadgets for the ideal kitchen kit and the best wines to drink with pasta to compliment your meal.

8. Ferment your own kombucha

From 春秋娱乐:sauerkraut to cool kimchi and kombucha, fermented food and drink are booming. With just a little know how and basic equipment, you can make crunchy fermented veg or fruity drinks at home. Check out our beginner’s guide to fermented foods to get started. Read up on 春秋娱乐:how to make kombucha with our detailed guide and try your own flavour variations. You’ll be an expert in no time.

9. Bake the perfect chocolate chip cookies

Forget crumbly packets of biscuits from the back of the cupboard, once you’ve tried our next level chocolate chip cookies, you’ll never look back. Learn the secrets to an extra crisp exterior, chewy middle and perfectly melty chunks of dark chocolate. Try a sprinkling of sea salt on the finished cookies for a touch of savoury to your sweet.

Get to grips with our 14 tips for perfect chewy cookies and never suffer a sub-par biccie again. Indulge your sweet tooth with our extensive chocolate chip cookie collection.

10. Grow your own

Turn your garden in your own personal Eden with our ideas for growing food and herbs. Learn 春秋娱乐:how to make a herb garden and forget relying on the soggy leaves at the back of the fridge. Add some personal touches to your plate and 春秋娱乐:grow your own salad leaves in window-boxes, pots or grow bags. Strapped for space and looking for some innovative growing solutions? Check out our top 20 indoor and outdoor herb garden ideas.

Get the whole family involved with our suggestions for fruit & veg for kids to grow, including the top of the crop and equipment you’ll need.

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